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My American Dreams makes short films to educate and reach the hearts and minds of Americans about the undocumented members of our society. President Obama's "Dreamers Act" significantly impacts the lives of young immigrants who arrived here by their 16th birthday before 2007. We have created six films about young DREAMers whose lives illustrate how the DACA law has allowed them to come out of the economic, educational, and social shadows.

We are also creating films, videos, and podcasts to tell the stories of families facing deportation and other immigrant stories. You can watch all of our released videos here.

education & events

My American Dreams makes presentations about "Seven Common Myths" about Immigrants and Immigration throughout the North Bay. The presentations debunk various misconceptions people have about undocumented immigrants and their relationship to crime, public assistance, jobs, and the economy.

Today’s political climate compels My American Dreams to make educational presentations to help alleviate the panic currently overflowing in our immigrant communities. We conduct immigration law clinics and Spanish-language presentations on “Know Your Rights,” deportation defense, and immigration procedures for immigrant communities.

get involved

You can learn about resources to stay informed with immigration news and changes to DACA, take action for immigraton rights and participate in the national immigration conversation by going to our Get Involved page.

contact us

We welcome your support and participation. Contact us to share your stories, sponsor a video, or invite us to speak at your event.

DACA Recipient Maria de Los Angeles

Artist,Yale graduate and DACA recipient Maria de Los Angeles

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