about my american dreams


My American Dreams transforms the hearts and minds of Americans by sharing inspiring stories of immigrants and dispelling immigration myths.


We envision an America where all individuals and families are free to thrive regardless of their immigration status.

Our focus is to make a difference in the national conversation about immigration and immigrants in this country. One way we do this by trying to reach the hearts and minds of Americans about the undocumented members of our society through our films and public presentations. We will continue to make films about DACA recipients but also tell the stories of families facing deportation and other immigrant stories through video, film, podcast and other formats.

We also present an English-language PowerPoint called “Seven Common Myths about Immigrants and Immigration” on a regular basis throughout the North Bay, intended to debunk various misconceptions people have about undocumented immigrants here and their relationship to crime, public assistance, jobs, the economy, etc. We also do free immigration law clinics and Spanish-language presentations on “Know Your Rights”, deportation defense and immigration procedures for the immigrant communities here several times a month in Sonoma, Napa, Lake and Mendocino Counties.

Daughter thanking father in field for education.


Working through the Human Rights Commission of Sonoma County, My American Dreams began in 2013 with the mission to tell the compelling stories of Dreamers, young immigrants who obtained their status through DACA. We originally called ourselves the “North Bay Dreamers Film Project.” In 2017 we changed our name to My American Dreams and obtained our nonprofit 501(c)3 status.

To date, My American Dreams has made six powerful videos about young immigrants from the North Bay; these have been continuously shown on our local Northern California PBS station (KRCB) and are now currently being shown on various PBS stations nationwide. We have also shown the videos and made presentations on immigration law and policy at many community events throughout the North Bay and around the country.

In November 2017 we released our 30-minute documentary "The Only Home I Know" to be aired on KRCB and PBS stations throughout the United States.